Development of forward kinematics and construction of the driving and command system of a robotic manipulator


The idea of ​​working with a robotic manipulator came from the availability of doing a retrofit of the drive and command system for the RD5 robot, a manipulator that is part of the IFCE's Energy Processing Laboratory. The challenges of working with this robot is the fact this manipulator has not been used for some time, needing adjustments such as tightening its joints, redo connections and add potentiometers instead of damaged ones. The objectives of this work are the development of forward kinematics (FK) and the construction of its drive and command system. The expected positions are obtained from FK using the Denavit-Hatenberg (DH) method. The expected positioning of the manipulator in each situation was compared with that obtained through the drive and command system and thus it was possible to perform the acquisition of position error estimation data. The results were then discussed.


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