Computer vision systems in unmanned aerial vehicle: a review


Inspections in areas of difficult access or hostile to the human, pattern recognition, surveillance and monitoring, are some of the many applications in with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), can be a solution, opening up new perspectives for the use of this technology. The navigation and the position of the UAVs can be made by autonomous method through the computational vision, which is a technology of construction of artificial systems capable of read information from images or any multidimensional data and making decisions. This work presents a review of the use of computer vision systems by UAVs, with a focus on its many applications. The main objective is to analyze the latest technologies used for the development of computer vision in UAVs, through the tools of data search, information storage and, mainly, processing and analysis of data. The researches encompasses a publication of recent works, 2011 onwards, from the Science Direct portal. For each work were analyzed the objectives, methodology and results. Based in this analysis, was made a comparison between the techniques and their challenges. From this, future outlook scenarios of UAVs using computational vision are mentioned.


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