JME brings articles on Mechatronics, Electronics and Photonics: This number includes researchers from USP, Unisanta and IFSP, in addition to IFCE


Another issue of the Journal of Mechatronics Engineering, an electronic magazine in the Engineering area, is available. This first issue of JME in 2020 brings two articles: one in the Mechatronics area and another in the Electronics and Photonics areas.

The titles of the works are: Development of direct kinematics and construction of the drive and command system of a robotic manipulator and Paraconsistent logic approach to reduce active noise.

The first article discusses the results of the work objectives, which were the development of direct kinematics (FK) and the construction of its drive and control system, while the second presents positive results from ANRPAL in relation to classic filters, from simulations .

Researchers from IFCE, IFSP, Unisanta and USP participate in the articles of this edition.


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