International journal publicizes Engineering and Computing


Engineering and Computer Science, areas consolidated with several courses at IFCE's Fortaleza campus, have a scientific dissemination space with the Journal of Mechatronics Engineering - JME. The electronic publication continues to receive national and international articles and will launch the second edition of 2019 until next August.

According to JME's editor-in-chief, Fortaleza campus professor Auzuir Ripardo, the electronic newspaper has played a key role in spreading publications in the area. The articulation with international events, such as the III Iwada (, also enables JME to play a role in conveying scientific work from different countries. The articles already published include Brazilian Northeast and Southeast institutions, with article submissions by researchers from several foreign countries.

Next year, the journal should go through Capes Qualis evaluation, which should increase the number of articles submitted for evaluation for publication. "We have good expectations regarding our qualification," confesses Ripardo. Edited in English, JME has ISSN and DOI registration. Related areas of the journal are Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Mechatronics, Biomedical and Health Informatics, Mechanical, Computing, Materials and Engineering Teaching.

The editorial board of the electronic journal is made up of professors and researchers from IFCE and other Brazilian and foreign higher education institutions, all with recognized academic backgrounds in their respective fields. Its editorial staff includes researchers from the postgraduate programs in Computer Science, Telecommunications Engineering and Renewable Energy from IFCE and partner institutions of higher education.

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