The 4th edition of JME available


The 4th edition of the Journal of Mechatronics Engineering (JME), edited by the IFCE, has just been launched. In this edition, the semiannual magazine published two articles, one in the area of Electrical Engineering, entitled "Estimation of parameters of a lead-acid battery model using genetic algorithm", and another in the field of Mechanical Engineering, with the theme " Non-traditional machining: a review on methods employed in the treatment of advanced materials ".


According to JME's editorial policy, the journal includes publications of original articles related to the following areas: Electrical Engineering; Electronic Engineering; Mechatronics Engineering; Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science; Mechanical Engineering; Computer engineering; Materials Engineering and Engineering Teaching.


All articles published in JME are in the English language, which provides a worldwide diffusion of the publication because this is the universal language used by science and technology. The scientific dissemination vehicle, being international, elevates the research indicators of IFCE, the researchers involved and of the post-graduate programs.


Created in 2018, JME arrives at its 4th edition. For the editor-in-chief of the journal, Professor Auzuir Ripardo de Alexandria, the publication has been gaining credibility among researchers and propagators of scientific disclosure. "This is perceived by submissions of articles and the participation of authors from other institutions of excellence, such as UFCG and USP," adds Auzuir.


The next edition of JME is scheduled to be published in July 2019. Researchers, professionals, undergraduates and post-graduate students can publish in the journal. Those interested in publishing in the journal should access the system and follow the guidelines.

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