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The purpose of the Journal of Mechatronics Engineering (JME) is to publish original papers that address issues relevant to the scientific and technological development, contributing in the following areas 1) Electrical Engineering; 2) Electronic Engineering; 3) Mechatronics Engineering; 4) Biomedical Engineering and Informatics; 5) Mechanical Engineering; 6) Computer Engineering; 7) Materials Engineering and 8) Engineering Teaching.

Journal of Mechatronics Engineering mission is the diffusion of the knowledge derived from researches and bibliographic reviews, through publications of international coverage.


The Journal of Mechatronics Engineering is a semiannually electronic publication created by the Federal Institute of Ceará - IFCE. The aim of this work is to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge through the publication of scientific papers (unpublished and original articles, reviews and scientific notes) in English language. Through this, work the editorial board of the journal invites researchers, professionals, undergraduate and graduate students to share their experiences with the scientific and academic community through our electronic journal.


The policy of the Editorial board comprises the publication of original articles that may have a significant impact on Mechatronics and correlated areas. Items will be evaluated by expert referees who work in the research area of knowledge, educational institutions and / or international research, with proven scientific production. ACCEPTED if you have two favorable opinions by the referees; and REJECTED when two opinions are unfavorable. iThenticate, plagiarism detection software, is used in all submited articles.


1) Electrical Engineering

Renewable energy
Power Electronics
Industrial installations

2) Electronic Engineering

Image Processing
Computer Vision
Digital Signal Processing
Telecommunications Engineering

3) Mechatronics Engineering

Electronics Instrumentation
Industrial Automation and Control
Machine Vision
Industrial Robotics
Mobile Robotics
Systems Supervision
SCADA systems
Discrete Event Systems
Petri Nets
Systems modeling
Computer simulation

4) Biomedical Engineering and Informatics

Biomedical Signal Processing
Medical Image Processing

5) Mechanical Engineering

Automotive and Aerospace Engineering
Manufacturing of products
Production planning and Control / PCP
Development of machines

6) Computer Engineering

Pattern Recognition
Software Engineering
Artificial intelligence
Computational Intelligence
Industrial Networks
Sensor Networks

7) Materials Engineering

Welding Processes
Formation of special alloys

8) Engineering Teaching

Automation and Control


At least every six months


This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


(Based on existing Scopus requirements and Committee on Publication Ethics)



An editor (editors, associate editors etc.) should provide impartial consideration to all manuscripts offered for publication, judging each on its particular feature without regard to race, religion, nationality, sex, seniority, or institutional affiliation of the author(s). An editor should review and treat a manuscript submitted for publication with all reasonable speed. An editor takes sole responsibility for accepting or rejecting a manuscript for publication. An editor may seek assistance on a manuscript from specialists chosen for their expertise and fair judgment. An editor should not reveal any information about the manuscript under consideration to anyone other than the author and designated reviewers until after the evaluation process is complete. An editor should respect the intellectual independence of authors.


JME considers an AUTHOR he who was responsible for a part of the work at least. AUTHORS should be able to explain in deep the problem in study. For JME, all authors are RESPONSIBLE for the content they submitted. The CORRESPONDING AUTHOR is responsible for the agreement of all the AUTHORS and to keep them informed about the submission process since first submission of their manuscript. He is responsible for providing the license to publish, in case of acceptance, on behalf of all the AUTHORS.
JME assumes that submitting the paper implies in total agreement from ALL the AUTHORS. For manuscripts with more than 8 authors, all the authors should provide a declaration specifying what was their contribution to the manuscript.

It is not acceptable for JME to consider for publication anything that was PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED, neither entirely nor in parts in other Journals or Conference. All the articles sent to JME must not be under analysis anywhere else. Simultaneous submissions to JME and any other vehicle,pPlagiarism and self-plagiarism are considered a major conduct flaw. Multiple manuscripts, dealing with closely related subjects and/or variables are discouraged as long as they could figure in a single paper.


JME invites peers to review its submissions, relying on their expertise, curricula and their will to review them as volunteers. By accepting to REVIEW a manuscript, the REVIEWER commits himself to do so in due time. Delays are extremely negative to the review process and makes it last much more than it should. When a REVIEWER is requested, he is gently asked TO ANSWER THE INVITATION E-MAIL, informing if he is or not willing to review the manuscript. It is a gesture of politeness and it avoids delays too. By accepting to review a manuscript, the REVIEWER declares that no conflicts of interests exist, and he is doing his revision for the wealth and progress of Science. Those reviewers who answer our requests, agreeing or not, and those who respect the deadlines, are scored positively, and eventual submissions they could send to JME will be treated with priority.



The journal is licensed with Creative Commons (CC BY).


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Journal of Mechatronics Engineering

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